Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone speaker, total new products, means what?

1. Almost total blank global market
More and more celebrities and music lovers, as well as common persons pursuit Tosing quality
products, which are exported to more than 20 countries and areas. And its global market share is
estimated up to hundreds of billions US Dollar.

2.Intellectual Property with Legal Protection
Tosing, as the only company owning the intellectual property Rights of Bluetooth Karaoke
Microphone Speaker in world, is the only legal manufacturer and vendor of the bluetooth
Karaoke Microphone Speaker.

Shenzhen Teana doesn’t want to be a company monopolizing this whole industry.

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Speaker is not just for Shenzhen Teana, but belongs to all the
people who love music in the world.
We sincerely invite all the other producers and vendors, who are interested in such type products
to cooperate together. With offering very best distribution policies and concession, we’d like to
cooperate together and bring Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone speaker to more and more persons.
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Our Target: Everyone to show his/her Singing Talent Anywhere Anytime!

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